dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Coolhunt | Honda's smart house


It's a house that produces more energy than it consumes. through solar panels it generates energy which is used charge an electric vehicle and run the whole house! This all done by the extremely intelligent energy management inside this house.
Also instead of using cement they used a sustainable substance to build this house named pozzalan. It is just volcanic ashes actually.

Coolhunt | Turn trash into biogas


In turkey they use pistachio shells which they don't use anymore to make bio gas and in England they just use trash. In turkey they produce about 60.000 metric tons of pistachio's but only 4.000 is being  shipped to other countries.So this way they won't waste is but use it for sustainable bio gas.
In England they use this gas for the British Airways. For the future they want all their planes to run on bio gas made of trash.

Coolhunt | Madrid parking rules


In Madrid you can pay for free if you have an electric vehicle, do you have a hybrid car you have to 20% less. But do you have a car made in 2001 who drives on diesel you have to pay 20% more! This will all start on July 1, this way the city hopes it will ease pollution. It's now the people's choice. They can either take a bus, buy a new car or just pay full price.

Coolhunt | air-purifying billboard


It's an billboard designed by an engineering college in Lima. This billboard uses certain processes to trap polluted air in to a water filter. This way the billboard can clean up to 100,00 cubic meters of air every day. You can compare this to the output if 1200 trees a day!

Coolhunt | sustainable carport

What?It's simply said a garage who supplies power for your electrical car. At the moment it's only for the premium 13 all-electrical and 18 plug-in hybrid vehicles. Using renewable solar energy you can recharge you car at home without worrying about the electricity bill. This garage is made of sustainable bamboo and light carbon fiber.