maandag 17 maart 2014

Coolhunt | Unicef's Tap Project

What is it?
It'a a new app from UNICEF that will challenge people to not touch their phones for at least 10 minutes. If they do so, Giorgio Armani, who sponsors this program, will donate money to UNICEF to help them provide clean water in third world countries. Only ten minutes without your phone can supply a day worth of fresh and clean water for people who see this as a luxury. You just sign in and press the start button. This way they can track you and check if you really do not use your phone.

Why is it cool?
Well I think that is pretty obvious. If only ten minutes without your phones can mean so much for other people I would do this all they long! But even people who are addicted to their phone can participate on this project. Just click the start button and take a shower. BAM ten minutes are over and you helped someone with it.

Why does it have future growth potential?
There are so many rich and famous people who volunteer and donate to charities. This time it's Giorgio Armani next time its Angelina Jolie! Plus it's so easy, there's no hustle with credit cards or bank transactions. You just leave your phone alone for a while and you help someone out. It's way to easy.

Why does it improve the quality of life?
Well this definitely has a positive effect on your social well being. You will get a feeling of satisfaction and respect because you did a good thing for mankind. Even if it's small it still means something to a lot of people.

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