zondag 9 maart 2014

Coolhunt | The clothing chip.

What is it? 
RFID-chip is short for for ‘radio-frequency identification chip’  It's simply just a chip stores put in their clothes so they can monitor the behavior of people when they are shopping. This way they can see which products are the most popular, what people buy and what they put in their shoppingbags. Also this way they don't have to count their products by hand!

Why is it cool?
I actually think it's pretty smart! It maybe is a bit of a privacy scandal but I personally don't care if shops can monitor things that I buy. It's the same with the new Albert Heijn Bonuscard ans the WiFi in the Dixons stores. It's a really clever way for the store to seperate the things people don't like from the things people love and want to but. This way they can add to the costumers needs. Think of all the beautiful things you can buy when the stores get writ of the "crap"

Why does it have future growth potential
In holland they use these chips just to monitor the behavior of the costumers. But in a shop in Ohio they use it so people can pay for their stacks of clothes for themselves. No need to wait in a long line anymore!

Source: De Gelderlander, 8 March 2014
Source: http://www.bright.nl/rfid-chips-in-kleding-voor-sociaal-gebruik

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