dinsdag 25 februari 2014

Food Coolhunt / Farmers fridge, the healthy snack.

What is it?
We all like to get something out of the vending machine so now and then. Usually I would take something like a Twix but that's just because the more "healthy" products in the machine aren't really healthy. They are full with preservatives which aren't exactly good for you.
This "Farmers fridge" salad is made of local and organic products, contained in a box with a low oxygen diffusion rate.

Why is it cool?
They make these on a daily base. Every morning they gather the products from the farms. This way the salads are super fresh! After six o'clock the price drops 1 dollar. That's because they aren't as fresh as they are in the morning. Although you can keep these salads in your fridge for two days. These salads don't just contain salads. They use loads of super foods, nuts and seeds. They even got a salad just for bodybuilders with loads of protein! The boxes are see trough so you can also see what the ingredients are.

Why does it have future growth potential?
People actually want to live more healthy. But because of their busy lives they choose junk food more often than salads just because it isn't available at their work place. I think lots of people will choose these delicious salads over a twix! I know I will.

Wanna know more? Visit their site!


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