zondag 2 februari 2014

The streetstore

What is it?
It’s actually a pop-up store for homeless people but not just with filthy old clothes which they get for free.  The vision of this company is to give homeless people the same experience normal people get when they are shopping. They can pick the clothes they like instead of getting a package of clothes they can’t choose. There are assistants who wrap the clothes in pretty paper and put it in a nice bag. Just like any other store.

Why is it cool.
Just because you are homeless doesn’t mean you don’t like to look pretty.  This way people who normally don’t have enough money to shop, can shop just like any other ordinary human being. Which makes them very happy.
Why does it have future growth potential?On their site you can download designs of the store so you can start your own store in your city. This way the happy can spread all over the world. it’s a small gesture with a big effect on the homeless people. This way they can still develop their own style!


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