zondag 24 november 2013

De hottug

What is it?

It's a hot tub and a boat in one! really simple actually you can take it in the water and sail away! Everywhere you want. On a lake, in the northsea or just in the canals of Amsterdam. You can buy it for yourself but you can also rent it for a day. There will fit about 4 persond in one hottug and you can use it for about 8 hours.


Why is it cool?

It's so unique and original. A hot tub and a boat are both luxury product most people can't  just afford. So by combining these two and make it possible for the "normal" people to rent these is such a great idea. This way you can take your lover out on a romantic but fun date! Ofcourse it is not just for people in love but you can have a great day at the canals with your best friends.

Why does it have future growth potential?

People  don't like to go to the canals anymore because it's crowded with tourists but they do like to on the water. Now they can rent their own special boat and go anywhere they want. This way you don't have to sit on a wooden bench with loads of Chinese people. But you are comfortable and only with the people you want.

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