zondag 24 november 2013


What is it?

It's actually glamorous camping. You just go to a camp side but not a normal one with small tents and thing beds. But with big luxurious tents which has been fitted with every conceivable comfort.
This way you get the cosy and simple feeling of camping with the luxury of an hotel but way cheaper.

Why is it cool?

Everybody loves to camp but in the end everybody misses the luxury of home. This way you can can camp in a tent which suits all your needs. They all have a different kind of look that way everybody can choose the tent they like most. Do you want a nice big comfortable bed? No problem. Do you prefer a big couch you can crash on after a big walk into the mountains? No problem!

Why does it have future growth potential?

People are getting more and more used to their luxury life. When they go camping they want to take al their luxury stuff with them so they don't really loose the feeling of their own home. Now they don't have to do that after they experienced this kind of camping they can leave all their stuff home and proceed this way of camping. So people can go camping without having to worry about anything,

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