zondag 24 november 2013

oculus rift

What is it?

The oculus rift are special glasses you use for gaming with a build in LCD screen.There are two lenses in it that give you the illusion you are in the game. Each eye has a different screen what makes it look like it's 3D.
You actually just see yourself standing right in the middle of your game.

Why is it cool.?

Because the screen is so close to your own eyes, your vision is way bigger then your own tv-screen. This will give you the effect of standing in the game because everywhere you look you can see the world of the game. You can look everywhere, even without moving your face and there are no black lines or borders to be seen.
It also detects al your movements. If you turn to the left the screen will automatically go with you.This way you won't need a controller or a mouse to move

Why does it have future growth potential?

The gaming industry is the same for so long. virtual reality gaming is developing for such a long time already this is something round breaking. Not just another new game console but a really real experience. They can make it even better this the first one of his kind. You can compare it to the playstation first there was only 1 now there are 4 more generations. Each one even better then the next.

wanna know more? Check this link

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