zondag 6 oktober 2013

Jawbone up

Nowadays everybody is busy. Work, studie, friends and family are just a few things that take a lot of your time. But you still want to work out everyday and work on your health and diet. With the new Jawbone up you can do everything you want and still control everything you do.
You get a wrist band that has a motion censor so it keeps track of your everyday movements. It automatically shows you how much calories you've burned.If you want to know how much calories a product contains you just make a picture of the bar code and it shows you immediately. Also it keeps up with your sleeping habits. How long you sleep, when you are in a deep sleep and when you wake up. This way it figures out some of your habits and it can wake you up when you are rested well enough.
You do have to synchronize the bracelet with your smartphone, you can just put it in your phone, so you don't need wi-fi or a Bluetooth connection. I think this is really cool especially the way it keeps track of your sleeping habits I never know when i had enough sleep. I always sleep to little or to much. 

I think it really does have growth potential because it has a lot of ways it can improve and add more functions to it. Also because of the busy lives everybody has they can just quickly connect their Jawbone up to their phones and see all their information quickly so people can live their life'sand still be aware of their diet and health. They don't have to do any effort for it because the Jawbone up is designed just the way you can wear it all day long even under the shower or when you are playing rugby. They just want to inspire people to live a healthier life in a fun way. If you want to know more about the Jawbone up visit their site or watch the video below.

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