dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Lifx the "smartlamp"

A wi-fi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your smartphone. Thats what's the Lifx is according to the designers. It's actually a really simple idea there hasn't been much change in the "light bulb industry" I can only think of the low energy lamps but their light is everything but cozy. It's harsh and nobody looks good in it.
The Lifx is even more energy efficient and you can control the colors and you can even dim your lights for a romantic dinner, or when you go to sleep. If you do this you can also set a time when the lights dim until the light is out. You can also change it around, no more harsh lights when you wake up but gentle light that gets brighter when you wake up.
But not only when you get to bed or when you wake up, you can change the colors of the lamp in any color you want. You can even synchronize the lamp with your music it will automatically change to the color that fits the music on your phone. And all that with just a lifx light bulb and your smartphone.
In the movie they say, you don't get up when you want to change the channel on your tv, so why do stand up if you want to change the lights?
But no worries the lights are still connected to the light switches in your house (: Your lamps are connected to your own protected wifi. This way you don't have to handle your neighbors children who like to play with your lamps and make you go crazy.
There are so many possibilities with this light bulb and they get better and better, one light bulb lasts for over 25 years this way it save you money and its good for the environment. Win Win!

For more information visit their website or watch the video below


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