zondag 6 oktober 2013


Everybody has to go to the hair salon so now and then. If you are a women you can choose out of hundreds of salons but when you are a man it's different. It's not really for them. Most of the hair salon focus on women. Not only the interior or the way the shops presents there self. But the of cutting is mostly focused on women's hair.
But now there is a whole "new" kind of hair salon. The barbershops just like back in the time. Just for men. Where professionals cut perfect hair cuts. Not just the simple mainstream, flimsy  hairstyle but cool and original haircuts that are finished to the top. With a beer in their hands (the customers, not the stylist ;) ) they enjoy the music and the men talk.

Why I think this is cool? Well that's simple. men always go to women hair salons even when they aren't specialized on mens hairstyles so every single men gets the same hairstyle. I think that's boring and this way they can also be sophisticated en look special and taken care of. Also this way it's much more fun for the men to get their hair done. They don't have to listen to women talking about their husband or having useless chit-chat about the weather. But they can just relax drink some beer and talk about sport! That's what men want right?

I think this has future growth potential because men nowadays spend more time on their appearance. Their hairstyle is one of the things that show of their style and maybe even the way they live. Men are more aware of how they look and like to spend time on it. This way they can get their own slick hairstyle!

If you want to know more you can take a look at the site or watch the video below.


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