vrijdag 10 januari 2014

Revenge of the "normal" women

What is it?

It's common knowledge that designers and magazines are using more and more models with average sizes. There is so much critic on the skinny models because it doesn't show the reality. The average size of women in America is 44 In The Netherlands that's 42. (bron) We all know the Dove commercial where they use women with all kinds of body types. During the New York fashion week there are several plus size shows we even got our own plus size barbie! But now Cosmopolitan announced that they Photoshop some of the models to look a bit more real. Not only Cosmo does this the British Vogue, Healthy and self claim to Photoshop people this way. Will this continue? I certainly hope so!

Why is it cool?

There are so many stories about people who get anorexia because of the fashion industry. When you're size 36 you are still to fat. Ridiculous! Women and girls all over the world are super insecure and start dieting when they already are thin. This way it get's a bit more realistic so they don't have to be insecure anymore.

Why does it have future growth potential? 

People want to see normal bodies and models in magazines. Skinny isn't hot anymore. I'm thin and on and I get so much mean comments about my weight. Sometimes people even ask if I'm bulimic. And I am not the only one!  The voluptuous women are being celebrated and praised. Especially when they use them in fashion shows or magazines.

But I do actually hope that this doesn't evolve in an anti skinny trend.


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