woensdag 8 januari 2014

Real life Barbie and Ken

                                                         What is it?
Research found out that it would be impossible to be a real barbie doll. The neck is so small and tender that it would snap from it's enormous head. Not to forget that the stomach would be way to small to fit all the organs.
But more and more people want to look like a real barbie, not only women but men as well. Just like this couple. They had several operations just to look like their ultimate role models, Barbie and Ken.

Why is it cool?

I like it when somebody doesn't care about others (or maybe with this look they actually do care) and just looks the way they think is the best. It gives the world more color. It also breaks a lot of taboos about plastic surgery for men. Even when men do it they still keep their mouth shut about it. For women it's more natural to do it but in these kind of ways it's a little bizar but still awesome.

Why does it have future growth potential?
Back in the old days you dressed like somthing to belong to a certain kind of people like the punks and hippies. But these days you dress because you like it not thinking about sending some kind of message towards the goverment. They take it to the extreme but this way it is getting more and more acceptable. Look at Japan. They boys look more like women then the average western girl does. It's so normal over there!
One day I really wish everybody looks the way they want. I don't care if they look like Barbie or a ninja turtle as long as it is the way they like theirselfs the best.

Wanna know more? Take a look at this link.

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