maandag 30 september 2013


You probably know how this feels, you just got a new telephone and only a few months later you drop the little bastard and it's broken! Just because of one small piece that can not be repaired. You didn't put an insurance on it because you are a poor student so you have to buy a whole new phone. Well this happens to me so many times. But this can be over with phone bloks.

It's a new phone made out of different bloks, detachable bloks. so you can pick just the things you want in a phone. Do you want a nicer camera? You can put a lens in from canon. Or if you want more memory for all the pictures you've taken, you just simply change the memory blok with another one. Did your screen break? No problem, just take it of an put a new one on it. You can customize it just the way you like it.
You can even adapt the size, so it turns in to a tablet or just a camera. This way it stays fun and new.
Different companies are working together to make different bloks. It's like an app store for bloks you buy new ones or review and sell old ones.

Why this is cool. 
This project is still in progress but when it comes out i'm the first one to get it! In the past 5 years i've had more then 10 phones just because something broke. This is the perfect solution. If you want more information just visit their website or watch video (:

I think this will grow in the future because everybody can choose what they want.Everybody has some complains about their phones. This way they can rebuild it the way they like it. So they wont just buy a new one because the old one was not up top date or "cool" anymore.

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  1. wow this seem promising! Keep up the good work btw ;)

  2. Klinkt goed Eef! Leuke site heb je en super leuke blog! liefs xx

  3. Ik vind het een superuitvinding! Hopen dat het echt lukt en het uiteindelijk doorbreekt!