dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Coolhunt | Turn trash into biogas


In turkey they use pistachio shells which they don't use anymore to make bio gas and in England they just use trash. In turkey they produce about 60.000 metric tons of pistachio's but only 4.000 is being  shipped to other countries.So this way they won't waste is but use it for sustainable bio gas.
In England they use this gas for the British Airways. For the future they want all their planes to run on bio gas made of trash.


Of course why waste something in stead of using it for good? It helps prevent global waste by turning it into sustainable energy. Maybe in the future you can make you're own bio gas at home, by burning your own trash and convert to this energy. That would mean you could be self sufficient!

Future growth potential?

Yes! We have to change to different types of energy. Bio gas is one of these sustainable energy's. It does not pollute as much as normal energy and u don't have to trow all that trash and nuts away. It improves peoples physical well being, because if there is less pollution in the world it would also be a healthier place to live.

source: http://www.psfk.com/2014/04/pistachio-shell-bio-fuel-turkey.html#!M9aLq

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