maandag 10 maart 2014

Coolhunt | Feel good fashion

What is it?

Zady is a site who's aim is to be a global destination for shoppers who care about where their products come from. They want to sell high quality products and connect the buyers to the makes of these goods. This site really shows the transparency of production because the products have a strict criteria of sustainability they have to own up to.

These are the criteria I talked about!

Why is it cool?

The makes of this site research the activity of these brands by visiting their factories and let the owners sign a strict contract about sourcing and production. This way you know u are buying things that are from a high quality made by people who even get a fair salary. Because the products have to be made inside the U.S.A they know the products are not made by a little girl or boy who only get 4 cent an hour. 

HOLY COW | Made by hand, of locally sourced leather, this bag meets the ethical standards set by new e-commerce site Zady

Why does it have future growth potential.

Because the world is getting more transparent, people know that the products they buy are not always produced under good circumstances for the employees. They know how the animals are killed for the leather they use in their products. The need for "good" products is growing very strongly. I think projects like these will get even more popular in the near future.

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